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Seasonal Breaks

Every time is a good time in Sarlat!

The best thing about spring in the Dordogne is that it starts so early. One day the trees are bare and the next day the whole landscape is green and bursting with life. The temperature is starting to rise and the restaurants and bars are once again spilling their tables into the streets.

The start of the tourist season in the Dordogne and all the local attractions are bursting with life. A great time to explore the area without the intense heat of the summer sun.

Sarlat comes to life in summer with its Drama Festival and Film Festival as well as non-stop street shows in the old quarter. Sarlat is an artists paradise with many small galleries including the famous "Herdin", student of Salvador Dali. Sarlat's Saturday market is excellent, teaming with life, an unforgettable experience from the street artists that throng there, to the wonderful fresh local produce.

Fete de la musique - 21st June
My favourite night of the year in Sarlat. Free music festival with live acts of all descriptions as children and grandparents alike roam the town until the early hours. Le Jardin is just far enough away so that you won’t hear it if you don’t want to.

Bastille Day - 14th July
I can’t do better than to include this review from the “Ciao” web site:
The last two years we have been lucky to be in Sarlat for the Bastille Day celebrations and fireworks. The town comes alive with music and dancing and street acts and about 9pm the fireworks are lit. This is amazing, you climb to the top of the town (the newer area) and stand right below the fireworks as they shoot skyward and explode. The display is free and involves the whole town. Hundreds of people turn up to celebrate the liberation of France. Although there are many people there you do not feel as though you are in danger. The “feel” of the place is wonderful and it was great to see the children running about and enjoying themselves and people as a whole having a great time. For a serious feel good factor this is the place and time to be there

Probably the most beautiful time of year in the Dordogne. The range of colours of the trees is incredible, especially in November.

Walking/ Cycling Holidays
Le Jardin is a great base for walking and cycling. We can supply advice, maps and even packed lunches on request. We have secure storage space for bicycles.

Photographic Holidays
Sarlat's wonderful architecture and medieval style buildings and stone roofs have made a backdrop for a score of top motion pictures including Les Miserables. A warren of alleyways, virtually unchanged since the middle ages, lined with warm ochre stone houses, each with its own distinctive facade and ornately sculptured window embrasures, set off by the stone roofs and turrets, make Sarlat a must for any keen photographer. David was a qualified master photographer in the UK and can supply any advice required as well as the facility for processing digital images.

With crisp cold days and generally clear blue skies winter is a lovely time to visit Sarlat

The build up to Christmas is magical. The Christmas market is open for 3 weeks and is a lovely place to shop or to sit and enjoy a mulled wine or hot roasted chestnuts. There are 3 huge Christmas trees in the medieval centre and wonderful fairy lights along the streets and in the trees. There are donkeys in front of the cathedral and carols playing in the street. Even the car-park is transformed into an ice-skating rink. Perfect for a romantic short break.

House Hunting
Hundreds of people come to the Dordogne during summer, fall in love with the area and decide that they would like to live here permanently. We know; we did it. One of the best pieces of advice we were given was to see the area at all times of year and be sure you will like it during the colder months as well as in the heat of summer. Why not take advantage of our great low season prices and search for your new home during the quieter months? We can even introduce you to experts in every aspect of French life.

Please note:
We are closed from 22 December to 1 March.